TMGS Statement Regarding the Presale


TMGS Statement Regarding the Presale

Greeting to all valued community members who supports us from the very beginning of our valued project.
Since the commencement of True Money Games Project many valued partners and advocates started to join us as they believe in the big potential of this project and what are the gains they will get from it.
In our turn, the team started to show interest to welcome and collaborate with everyone, aiming to be known among all relevant communities and to achieve wide spread in short time.
We started marketing using Telegram, Twitter and Youtube in addition to big PR campaign. This reflected on attracting may investors who participated in a very successful Private Sale (97.2%).
Taking the above-mentioned into account and with the huge potentials that await our project and community, some haters of success and scammers started their journey to mimic our TG group and created tokens with TMGS same name and symbol to sell them to some investors. We reported the contracts and they were marked scammers. Some others cloned Pinksale website and to mimicked our TG group and presale page on pinksale. They mimicked True Money Game TG official group and used a bot to get many of our group members to the fake one, after that they posted the fake presale link to their cloned pinksale website.
Most of presale investors were confused and rushed to the fake website which made a panic state ended with most of presale investors to withdraw their investment from our official presale pool on Pinksale.

Take into consideration the general interest of the project and early investors as well as being keen on completing what we started till the end, we agreed that;

  • We have one target, which is to get this whole project successful.
  • Presale is just a phase of the project not the project itself.
  • We will pass this phase and continue in our project.
  • We succeeded before it and will succeed after it.
  • The problem with Presale happened after confusion with the fake pinksale website.
  • The main point is to move on towards the main event of our project, which is to release our first game.
  • We can reach our dream with our valued community support.
Thus, we decided the following;
  • Cancel this Presale and start another one later.
  • Add more developers to the team to accelerate the process to release our first game as earlier as possible.
  • We will reward the investors of the private sale later as they were kind and showed great support to us in all phased, and especially during this Presale.
  • Develop a strict plan to secure the upcoming Presale.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but the mere fact is that happened and most of you have seen it.

We advise everyone to be sure to check our official website and social links which are;

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:
Telegram Admins (@NTMGS – @BTMGS – @SSTMGS – @GTMGS)

Contract Information

Name: True Money Games
Decimals: 9
Symbol: TMGS
Contract: 0x0cfA5BEd11fd7027B28349874e88565467c688Bc
Network: Binance smart chain

Again, we appreciate your patience and support.
Thank you very much!